Impact and Expertise

Clients choose us because they want tangible and demonstrable results. Every member of ACPDA team is dedicated and committed to delivering the best possible performance on any given project. By using synergies of our professional staff we help our clients to overcome complex challenges. The combination of international experience and in-depth knowledge coupled with local competence is a trademark of our project teams.

Our teams are made up of economists, public policy analysts, lawyers, social scientist, leading public and private sector experts, management specialists, communications experts and other technical specialists. Members have proven experience with international donor programs and receive extensive training on the latest tools and methods. They have lived and worked in difficult conditions and sensitive areas. They are sensitive to local needs and display a proven set of cross-cultural skills.

  • Our teams are comprised of experts who have acquired expertise at senior levels of private, public institutions, corporate, international donor set up and governments.
  • Our teams are made up of consultants that certify professional compatibility and are active team players with extensive “know-how” in carrying out successful operations within complex environments.
  • Out teams make objectives real and relevant, and are able to establish a simple vision and strategy that is comprised of smaller bite-size aims that are more manageable and are introduced through a phased process.