Centre for Sustainable Development

ACPDA aims where possible to develop the capacity of corporate with a view to developing expertise locally, promoting greater participation and ownership, and ensuring sustainable solutions that can and will be supported beyond business and project operations.

 Forward-looking business leaders and development practitioners are asking “what should our business strategy be, in the light of sustainability?

Sustainable solutions
Projects have, by nature, predefined budgets and time limits imposed on them. It is therefore known from the outset that any support provided through technical assistance or any other expertise on the project is going to come to an end at which point the client will either be expected to take over responsibility for the provisions made or continue maintenance of the outputs. It is essential then that any inputs throughout the development of the project are carefully planned with a view to their ongoing use once the project comes to an end and that a detailed exit strategy is devised as part of the inception phase. ACPDA team does not indulge the client by doing the job for them; rather it helps them to do the job for themselves.
Focus Technical AreasWe Are
Economics and Livelihood
Economic growth and livelihood initiative are the biggest contributor to poverty reduction. But it is the most vale ad examined through economic analysis that determines the extent to which it reduces poverty. Growth tied to an increase in productive employment opportunities, for example, is particularly pro-poor. The scores of development specialists in ACPDA team understand the dynamics that underpin inclusive, broad-based growth. Committed to designing and facilitating successful programs in technical areas such as agribusiness and enterprise development, value chain development, agriculture and food security, and financial services.
Economic Analysis and platform of choices for establishments
Market-based partnerships & Livelihood
Institution Building and Governance
ACPDA recognizes the challenging business environment, integral relationship between leadership and system governance as the basis for equitable economic growth and high-quality social services. Our programs promote specific metrics for measuring performance, gender-sensitive and participatory systems that create a demand for better governance. To strengthen governance and institution building capacity we assist the organization to assess objectives and plan strategically for the future, explore efficiencies related to mergers, alliances and revenues and ensure organization’s financial compliance and sustainability.