About ACPDA-Ig3 Solutions

ACPDA-Ig3 Solutions is a governance and sustainability consultancy. It is popularly known as Ig3 Solutions. Its purpose is to improve the uptake of rigorous research to support and formulate plan for institutional governance (government and non government), corporate sustainability strategy, and capacity building of non-governmental organizations (governing for non profit excellence).

ACPDA-Ig3 Solutions’ services are based on the fundamentals of best practice in governance.

ACPDA-Ig3 Solutions is committed to the idea, investment innovation and governance.

It has three streams of work, it servicescover a wide range of governance topics for private and public institutions as well as institutionally related foundations , research based technical assistance, training and management services on corporate sustainability, capacity development of government, corporate and civil societies for stakeholder engagement, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of social and economic development programmes .

There is a clear evidence of a demand for the work we do. Our work is closely alignd with achieving the Development Goal - Sustainability.

Its mission is to strengthen, protect, and advocate on behalf of citizen trusteeship that supports and advances institutional governance, responsible business practices , partnership and sustainability. Our missions also include; a review of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) policy and programmes in South-Asia.

Ig3 Solutions primarily will work with organization’s board and institutional leadership to:

  • provide a custom-designed package of options,

  • develop a proposal that will address organization’s key desired outcomes, and meet preferred timeline.