Each situation is different, each is unique and each requires its own individual approach. We help to develop the capacity of organization’s team to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities in developing innovative ideas, process of investment and governance in response to the needs of the stakeholders . ACPDA- Ig3 Solutions is at the heart of a growing network of development organizations around the world that work in a cooperative and supportive way to maximize their impact. We believe that many of the challenges society now faces are of a global nature and will be most effectively addressed through understanding different views and perspectives, sharing ideas across cultures and learning from each other to develop a locally appropriate response. We promote and practice positive engagement and partnership with local communities, civil societies, corporations and governments to develop solutions to local, regional, national and international problems. We help people to understand the issues affecting them and assist them to reach their own solutions. Our emphasis is on sustainable impact which will ensure they benefit from lasting change to their lives and livelihoods.

ACPD-Ig3 Solutions  provide assistance to governments, corporations and international funding agencies, to develop and implement policies and strengthen and encourage their promotion of sustainable development.

We design innovative sustainable programmes on community development for governments and private sector partners, to enable organisations to successfully balance the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainable development and make their most successful contributions from the basis of their traditional economic skills.