We provide a range of services including:

Public Trusteeship Consulting
The public policy team consults with states and public agencies, political leaders, public university systems, and expert team to objectively diagnose and act on governance and policy challenges
Foundation Consulting Services
Foundations are being called upon to raise increasing levels of private support for their affiliated institutions, departments and programmes to provide complex financial and entrepreneurial services. As their size and significance grows, foundations also are being challenged to strengthen their governance, stewardship, investment management, and accountability. Ig3 Associates' consultants, nationally known for their expertise and professionalism, provide experienced, independent counsel to help foundations respond to these new challenges and opportunities and to improve foundation governance, management, and performance. 
Consulting Services on Governance
The services focus on strengthening relationships, building trust, and improving individual and organizational effectiveness.
Specific topics include but are not limited to:

  • Board structure and function
  • Fundraising and the board
  • Governing board roles and responsibilities
  • Specific committee work of the governing board
  • Strategic finance
  • Strategic governance
  • Strategic planning
  • Strengthening board and presidential relationships

The team offers a variety of assessment options, designed to assist boards and chief executives in improving their performance through self-assessment and goal-setting. In reviewing and discussing issues that affect their membership, organization, and performance, participating boards confront the key factors that help or hinder their effectiveness.

Board Assessment Services

  • Presidential and Board Assessment Consulting Service
  • Comprehensive Presidential/CEO Assessment
  • Board Basic on Annual Presidential Assessment
  • Board Basic on Assessing Individual Trustee Performance

Achieving High Performance
The Achieving High Performance Service assists presidents, Chief Executives, and boards in supporting and sustaining strength in four key areas integral to any successful program or activity of the institution :

  • A focus on strategic governance and team dynamics
  • A vital innovative program that supports mission and conveys quality
  • A solid financial base
  • An effective marketing and branding strategy to improve reputation and positioning, and attract stakeholders and resources.

This service assists independent institutions as well as public bodies and systems to realize their highest aspirations in a systematic way.