Area of Expertise

Institutional Development: To build the capacity of governmental and non-governmental bodies, Ig3 provides assistance to improve professionalism, strengthen internal management and administrative functions, and develop long-term sustainability.

Good Governance: To reduce corrupt practices, which distort economic decisions and undermine confidence in public and private institutions, the team provides technical assistance on strategies to curb corruption and foster transparency, integrity and accountability.

Civil Society Strengthening: To make public institutions more responsive to the needs and aspirations of civil society, and to involve civil society in the process of reform, Ig3 works with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other civil society groups to strengthen their capacity to influence the formulation and implementation of public policies.

System Strengthening: To establish systems that adhere to due process and deserve universal respect for fairness and competence, Ig3 undertakes comprehensive programs to strengthen independence and build capacity system-wide, including work with government.

Legal and Regulatory Reform: To bring countries into conformity with best international practices and remove barriers to competition, economic growth and private investment, Ig3 assists in creating coherent and enforceable legal frameworks and regulatory systems that facilitate the functioning of free markets and promote the public interest.

Monitoring and Evaluation: To ensure that program investments effectively serve the strategic objectives and requirements of program funding organizations, Ig3 provides expertise in monitoring the performance and evaluating the results and impact of development activities across all sectors.

Public Awareness/Education: To improve public use and understanding of public institutions, Ig3 helps to design and implement programs to inform citizens of their legal rights and obligations and make the system more open and accessible.