Fellowship Program

ACPDA Fellowship Program for Young Learners:

ACPDA (Advanced Centre for the Study of Philanthropy and Development Affairs) is a registered non profit organization explores development perspective, build up technical and management resources and capacity through human development and institutional alliance. It supports mainstream programs of the nation. The priority programs include Business Studies, Energy, Environment and Basic Heath Services.

ACPDA fellowship program provides benefits through the transfer of knowledge, the definition of issues, and the clarification of perspectives for young students. Young learners Mentoring Program Fellows probe the technical, economic, finance, environmental, health ,social, and institutional aspects of many issues related to resource development.

The role of the ACPDA as an organization is to facilitate, and provides fellowships/ sponsorships to young students to continue or undertake independent study in an institution or industry during their vacation under the guidance of a Mentor.

The fellowship program (Summer Program and Fulltime Masters Program) , Summer program is meant for four weeks to twelve weeks depending on students’ requirements and availability of vacation time. This helps students to explore and learn new ideas from different setting and develop their skills in near future. After satisfactory completion of short term program, students are eligible for pursuing full time Masters Program.

The value of fellowship includes living allowances and cost of travel. The quantum is determined based on location. In India, the value of fellowship is Rs.25, 000/- for four weeks. For overseas program the fellowship is US$2000/- for four weeks and the cost of return economy class airfare. Students are encouraged to stay in institute’s hostel or guest house provided by mentoring companies. For Masters Program the fellowship value is determined as per University fee structure and living cost in a particular country. It covers a full tuition fee, living expenses, and return economy class airfare.

Eligibility: For engineering students- students must have completed 4 semester or two year programs of a four years course i.e. Bachelor of Technology or B.E or B.Sc (Hons) in Engineering. Medical graduates can apply after 4th year of their course. Students can apply for a period of four weeks to twelve weeks depending upon vacation period available .

Confirmation: ACPDA confirms student’s education program, explore the opportunity within the leading industries and institutes, and forward the letter of recommendation to respective institutes and industries for their acceptance.

Project study and certification: ACPDA does not interfere about project study of the student. ACPDA only requests to mentoring organization to issue a completion certificate to students based on his/ her involvement in study and a copy of the certificate to be forwarded to ACPDA for its office record and consideration of future fellowship for the student if required.